I bled on him to death.
A couple of weeks ago I played through Dragon Age: Origins (DA:O). All the way! Right through to the end! A most noble start to my Great Quest to give twelve CRPGs a good whoopin' this year. Here's my take: it's satisfying. Immensely so, should you allow it to be. I resisted, at first. Do this quest, it said. Shan't! I said. Spend your talent points, it whispered. Won't! I retorted. Sleep with Morrigan, it purred. Couldn't hurt, I decided.

Now, watch an uncomfortably dreadful sex scene, it cackled. Fiend! I cried, but it was too late. It was only after the disturbing sight of my expressionless Grey Warden being mercilessly dry-humped by a witch had faded to black that it struck me that the game had wooed me. Despite being immensely insulted and slightly revolted by the heavy-handed attempt to arouse me, I continued playing. I just shrugged and ran over to the dwarf savant to swap some enchantments (enchantment!) around, then I went and bashed some goblins.