It is the 21st Century and there is only low-wattage light fixtures.
JC: Hey, Paul.
Paul: Hey, JC.
JC: What's up?
Paul: Terrorists.
JC: All I've got's a pistol.
Paul: I've been cleared to issue you an additional piece of equipment: you can take the GEP gu-
JC: I'll take the GEP gun.
Paul: Hang on, I haven't finished. We also have a sniper rif-
JC: GEP gun.
Paul: ...I've got this mini crossbo-
Paul: Fine. Take the damn game-breaking sonic screwdriver of death. Say goodbye to your inventory space.

I’ve been playing my fair share of Killzone 3 lately, first blasting through the (incredibly short and boring) campaign, before heading to multiplayer. I went ahead and started my very first multiplayer match as a medic, for several reasons:

  • "Tactician" sounded vaguely daunting and hard-thinking (I discovered this to be false and "Tactician" to be a misnomer, when what they really meant was "bloke who runs around shooting people just like everyone else").
  • "Engineer" sounded technical and nerdy.
  • I was always a rubbish spy in Team Fortress 2.
  • Bugger snipers.

I spent three hours as a medic, during which a sufficient haul of XP was harvested to chomp through the entire medic unlock tree. After that amount of time, opinion on classes further grew to incorporate:

  • Bugger medics.