Our arduous journey begins with a stop by the little town of Chaser, known for its orangey-brown sights and sounds. And smells.

Released: 30 August 2003
Developer: Cauldron HQ
Selected titles:
Conan (2004)
Soldier of Fortune: Payback (2007)

Secret Service (2009)

Chaser is a 'what if?' sci-fi/horror mesh. In the near future, mankind has reached the stars, colonised Mars, made great strides forward in the sciences. The player is dropped into this reality at a point where our own creations have begun to turn against us. Cold, unfeeling constructions that we created to serve us. Yes, you guessed it, doors.

Chaser details a world where doors have tired of their silent, obliging servitude to humanity and started open rebellion. The dozens of labyrinthine levels composed of grey concrete corridors put you in the space boots of a helpless victim of the renegade room partitions. The doors, lacking means of bearing arms or, for that matter, independent movement, have struck in the only way they can: by not budging. Every level of Chaser is filled with these malevolent menaces, each one identical to the naked eye. Approaching one and trying to open it will greet the player with the cold, metallic jangle of a strong lock, which is the mocking laughter of our wooden nemeses. We're trapped, at their mercy.

Chaser tasks you with finding the one door in each level who is a human sympathiser. Upon 'using' this allied divider it will swing wide open for you, allowing you entry beyond. There is no way of knowing which door is friendly, which fills this task with constant suspense as you approach each one. Your search is hindered by brainwashed humans enslaved by the doors to do their bidding. These poor souls will attack you on sight. Progressing past the humans in the game to the next door involves a little mini-game where the player has to move a cross-hair on their screen and repeatedly click their mouse when it is over a human. This mini-game is a novel diversion - if a little fiddly and underdeveloped - to door-searching for the first couple of hours, but quickly grows dull after too much repetition.

Chaser Gallery

"In the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see your health indicator. If this falls to zero, you will die. Try to avoid this."
Chaser's tutorial narrator.

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