Stop sniggering at the back.
(Okay, this post was originally meant to go up on the 31st of December, 2011, but then I moved jobs, houses and countries and sort of forgot about it. So here it is. Rewind your mind a few months and stop grumbling quite so loudly.)

Sometimes, it's hard to swim against the current. Not quite as hard as swimming against currants, but still jolly tough. Today's current is brought to you by LIST-O-VISION, the latest in advanced bloggery that spews out immeasurably large quantities of similarly-themed posts that name a specific set of games tactfully positioned next to a numeral for maximum judgemental effect. It's quite likely that such posts will have repeated use of words such as "best," "greatest," or, in extreme cases, "most not-shit."

This post is cunningly disguised as one of them. BRING ON THE NUMBERS.