Forza Horizon! Far Cry 3! Asura's Wrath!

The last few weeks were fucking fantastic. You know what I did? Nothing. Productivity reached an all-time low. Why? Far Cry 3. Do I feel guilty? No, because Far Cry 3? It's fucking fantastic.

I started writing this a week ago, and then took a short break before I finished it off to play Forza Horizon, which had been sitting in its polythene wrapper for months. And now it's a week later and I don't know where the time went. So I suppose I'd better talk about Forza Horizon, too. Oh, and Asura's Wrath. Which I played all of Boxing Day because I was in bed with food poisoning and needed something undemanding.

So herein is the summary of the week beginning Monday the 26th of November. And the week beginning Monday the 3rd of December. And Monday the 10th. And, um, the 17th.

Far Cry 3 has been out for a few weeks now, and the internet is fast filling up with Far Cry 3 related opinions, just like it did last year after Skyrim's release, and if I don't write something soon the internet will reach saturation point and there'll be nothing interesting to say that hasn't already been covered on some random blog or another. For the sake of my own ego, I have pledged my random blog to be one of them.