Make 'Em See Dingbats
An Alpha Protocol diary, detailing the horrible consequences of a half-baked decision to try a non-lethal play through, in seven parts.
Part 1: Insertion
Part 2: Impediments 
Part 3: wot hell twats
Part 4: wuzzut?
Part 5: Let's try that again 
Part 6: I meant to do that 
Part 7: I've been expecting you

Looking Back
An omnibus of bite-size reviews with a common target: retro shooters, none said to be that good. The goal is to find out if the benefit of time condemns or exonerates them. 
Introducting 'looking back at the mediocre shooter' 
01: Chaser 
02: James Bond Nightfire 
03: Pariah
04: Halo

2011: Year of the Beard
Finally acknowledging an elephantine knowledge gap in my gaming experience, I pledge to play through a succession of role-playing games considered by many to be the greatest. 
Statement of Intent
January: Dragon Age: Origins
February: Deus Ex
Currently on sabbatical due to the wearying effect of beard-growth.